Monday, 27 August 2012

Why Marry A Nurse?(part 1)

Nurses are not the gods or demigods, but they are noble at heart. They are not perfect, but even the worst nurse you can meet still has that angelic-human trait that is uniquely nurses. Though some are really tough, some are rough and some are hard to deal with, still from the professional perspective, nurses are really one of the nicest people to encounter. The following description is a personal analysis and just for information and entertainment purposes.

While I placed some traits to some particular specialty, every nurse has these qualities in appreciable degree, no matter how s/he appears on the outside.

Please meet the Noblest Professionals!

Paediatric Nurse:

She is so tender-hearted and has that inborn trait that compels her to care for any child whether he’s beautiful or ugly, deformed or perfect, black or white; whether the parents are rich or poor, preterm or full term.

Her driving principle is that this is a child of God and must be fully cared for. She is the mother of all; the real mother of the house and no one feels like a stranger.  A little cry from the baby and she jumps to her feet to wipe out any cause of discomfort. This is the way she treats any man that comes her way.

 Though fully grown and full of age, she still sees that man as her baby in need of tender care and she can go to any length to ensure her man is happy and not In pains. She handles temper tantrum perfectly.She is a paediatric nurse.

Psychiatric Nurse:

Check out that smile on her face. A look on that face and you are already smiling too. Some say its because of her constant encounter with the psychiatric patients, but a closer contact will tell you that she‘s got that magnetic character and that the infectious smile is deep down in her and not cosmetic.

She has the magic wand to bring in vigour and vitality in a crippling situation and also to bring the wildest psychological or emotional conflagration under control! 

 She lights up every atmosphere she steps into no matter how sullen it has been. No matter how hard a man is, no matter how wild he gets, a psychiatric nurse can tame him.

 No matter how rough or tough the children,however schizophrenic,manic or psychotic in-laws, friends and husband become, the psychiatric nurse knows the exact keys to bring him back to his senses…like magic. She has no hopeless case. And she does it all smiling! That’s a psychiatric Nurse.

Orthopaedic Nurse:

Enters the nurse with for whom no brokenness is hopeless!

With meticulous attention and care she wades through the most intricate and bloody hurts, trying to sooth all pains and get you smiling again. “Broken beyond repair” is not in her dictionary. For her the phrase is wrong. However badly broken a heart is, no matter how crushing the disappointment, call in the orthopaedic nurse and peace reigns again. She can assemble all the pieces wherever they have splintered and fallen to and knit them together again.

She can apply the correct weight of emotional splint to get your psychologically shattered situation immobilized and stabilized. She will tell you the exact period of time it takes for any type of hurt to heal even as she applies her relevant emotional traction. Your body and soul is totally care for by the orthopedic nurse. You only need to be patient because she is a very patient person.No matter how fractured the situation is You don’t need to tell her what to do. 

Trust the orthopaedic nurse.

Her children can never break off their character or get deformed in attitude. She knows how to handle that. So why not consider the orthopaedic nurse….eeemm let me leave you for now. See you tomorrow.



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  1. This is good,i'm proud to be a psychiatric nurse.

  2. Ify Ol'k Pauls9 October 2012 at 06:25

    Say something abt d Male counterpart

  3. @Ify $Pauls..thanks a lot for reading and also for your comments/request.I'll do that soon.You can also send in any info,news,photos,just anything you feel like letting the world know about and it'll be put up here for FREE.