Monday, 11 May 2015

What Is The Nursing Process?

I know that this question would look too common and ordinary for majority of readers.However I am posting it to refresh our memories and also for the new nursing students who need to consolidate their knowledge of certain basics of nursing.

Its also in the spirit of the nurses week.

The common thread uniting different types of nurses who work in varied areas is the nursing process—the essential core of practice for the registered nurse to deliver holistic, patient-focused care.

Lets begin.....

Saturday, 9 May 2015

National Nurses Week Quotes 2015: 15 Inspirational And Funny Sayings To Honor Health Professionals

 National Nurses Week is a time to pay tribute to nurses and acknowledge the vital role they play in hospitals everywhere

Nurses are the backbone of health care systems around the world, bearing up countless patients and working long days to help save lives. National Nurses Week 2015, which begins Wednesday, is a time to recognize the vital role nurses have played in hospitals everywhere.

"It's such a selfless job,” Erica Morse, a nurse clinician at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan, told “We are working holidays and weekends, and we miss a lot of times with our families. It's just a way to say thank you for all they do."

Friday, 8 May 2015

Fainting While Urinating

Have you ever experienced it or you know somebody that ever had such?

You get up from sleep in the day or night,seriously pressed and uncomfortable due to the feeling as if your bladder is going to burst in a few seconds if you didn't empty its contents.
You dash off to the toilet and begin to empty your bladder,then suddenly you black out and the only  thing you could remember afterwards was when you started to urinate.Every other thing that happened was a mystery.

Nurse Of The Month

Heading to school,and on time
Its my pleasure to introduce to you our NC Blog's Nurse Of The Month.

Its a presentation of beauty,smartness,brains humor and hard work combined in one person....

She is one of those nurses who always make a remarkable impression in any area of duty and in any association,she stands out:
 You have to notice her presence,not by her forcing it but by her invigorating and effervescent sense of humor.

Adeyemo Grace Adeola

Our Nurse Of The Month.

Hobbies:Reading,boat riding,reading(she loves John Gresham like she loves Ice Cream),listening to music and surfing the internet for information.

Likes: Neatness,honesty, she likes good music and a nice ice cream (Strawberry flavored!) lol

Dislikes:Insincerity,Injustice in any form especially to hardworking and sincere people,loud-mouthed and proud folks.

Birthday: May 8

Aspirations: To be the best in any area she goes in the nursing profession and to make a positive mark in the lives of anyone she encounters.

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Men In Nursing On The Increase

Any  observant person especially one who is in the medical or paramedical department  wherever there is a college or school of nursing would notice the trend.I was always asked the same question when i was in school regarding the increase of males in the profession that was seen as a female dominated place.
Some were even asking how i coped with all the females in the class.Recent studies show that the number of men entering careers in nursing is expected to rise over coming years.

How Does Social Media Affect Nurses?

We can easily say that within the last ten years social media has changed the way in which the world spreads information. Social media has touched every form of business and healthcare is no exception. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have helped large and small hospital systems define their personalities and reach out to their patients in new ways.

Social media has positively enabled small and large hospital systems to reach out to their patients and communities in brand new ways. It is currently estimated that over 70% of nurses regularly use social media. 

That is a tremendous amount and cannot be disregarded. On one hand, social media has enabled nurses to connect with one another and share inspirational and educational material. On the other hand, social media has also created numerous concerns related to patient safety and patient privacy rights.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Boxing:A Healthy Sport Or Not?

Let's Discuss.
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What do you think about boxing as a sport from the health perspectives as a nurse?Start talking lets make it fun.

Nigerian Nurse Docked For Murder of Disabled Baby in New York

A 54-year-old Nigerian nurse practicing in New York, USA, Oluyemisi Adebayo, has been arrested and charged for the murder of a disabled 23-month-old baby, Naomi Mondesire, by submerging her in scalding bath water for about 30 second, reports Daily Mail.

Adebayo who almost escaped to Nigeria, was nabbed on Wednesday April 28th in Queens, New York, as she was about boarding a flight that would have taken her out of the country.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Cedar Hill Police: Nursing home Worker Arrested After Being Found In Resident’s Bed With His Pants Down

A staff member at a Cedar Hill senior living center was arrested on an aggravated sexual assault charge Thursday after he was found in a 76-year-old resident’s bed with his pants down, police said.

Ryan Otey, 27, was being held in the Dallas County Jail Friday.
Cedar Hill police said they were dispatched to the Crescent Place Assisted Living Center on 225 West Pleasant Run Road on Thursday.