Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Nursing Opportunities In These Countries

There are many opportunities always out there for nurses who wish to improve their career in whatever way.

It could be jobs or studies.Whatever it is ,we always bring you the best and sometimes,the easiest collection of opportunities to assess and see what you can make out of them.

Make deliberate inquiries and due contacts before committing any cash in the process.

These  opportunities are cool for nurses who wish to make a further step in Canada,UK,USA,Australia and new Zealand.

Check them out after the cut....

Before We Got Married ( Relationship Life Story by a Nurse)

The challenges of a male nurse who married a colleague doctor

It was almost in the last part of my internship at one of the State University's Teaching hospitals, during the Christmas period of 2012.

we were all getting ready with selection and arranging of all our documents from the various departments that we were posted.

 Gathering our attendance sheets and log books for signing and arranging our reports was the major work for that day. Every one of us was excited to finally be out of this place and back to school again, though we were to have our final exams in less than a months’ time.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Invitro Fertilization(IVF),CS & Adoption:Why Do We React like This About Them?

The problem of infertility is very real. It can only be known in its total nature by those affected.

No amount of explanation would be enough to put you in their shoes if you are not wearing it or, have never worn it.

If one has not suffered infertility or has been having an easy conception, it might be hard to understand really what it means to not be able to conceive.

Many women and couples, including highly educated ones, have descended to the lowest levels of doing ridiculous things commanded by some herbalists and spiritual/religious opportunists and crooks just to have a child or be able to conceive.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

One Of My Most Stressful Days (True Story by a Nurse)

I have had many stressful days at work.This is just one of them and I hope it will help to encourage someone.

Let's begin...

It was a day that got me into a lot of moods and emotions .It was a day that put me to the test of patience and self-control.
 It was also a day that I learned the lesson of responsibility in a hard way.

Even though other colleagues were angry at what happened, I was calm. Maybe because I was too weak to talk or even to get angry.

I simply did what I was supposed to do,took the next available bus and rode home, sleeping most of the time as I commuted.


Thursday, 8 December 2016

Are You In a Wrong Relationship? Check These Facts

This little post is about Nurses and Relationships/Romance. A simple piece of advice to someone who is in a wrong place right now but hasn't the strength to unbolt and walk away free.

To be in a wrong relationship is the worst form of stress.Its worse than having a 0ne month marathon night shifts(if that were even possible)

It creates a mental,emotional and psychological torture that can only be related by the one involved.

A bad relationship drains you completely and makes anxiety your second nature.

If you find out that a relationship isn't working,do yourself a favor and take a walk.Save yourself an imminent heartbreak and depression.

Things Nursing Students Don't Say

There are things you should not say not just as a student but as a nurse.Watch this 2 munites video and learn.

Write your comments below lets hear your opinion.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Is It Wrong If Your Wife Is 20 Years Older Than You?

Is anything really wrong with this? Is it really normal? Is the boy in his right senses? 

What was he looking for and are you sure the woman did not use any spiritual powers on him? 

  • The guy is a gold digger.
  •  And the talk continues.
  •  I need your sincere opinion on this after you have read my own side of it. 
  • He is a foolish boy........And a whole lots of descriptions for the young man's choice.

Just type your response in the comment section, let the conversation continue. You might help someone today.

Why Many People Want To Be Nurses Nowadays:True or False?

 As we are left this place in November, others were coming in. 

Every year, thousands of candidates are enrolling into the school of nursing. 

This trend was not there before but, recently it seems nursing has become one of the most attractive professions on earth. 

Hundreds of thousand nurses review and pass the board exams, and get licensed annually. Still, more and more are lining up just to get that nursing degree. 

Are Nurses Guilty of Indecent Dressing?

Indecent dressing is the wearing of any apparel clothes that is not socially, culturally and morally acceptable. 

The society obviously frowns at this modern trend that is causing serious vices and creating serious outcry. 

The nurse is supposed to be an epitome of every inimitable virtue, a mirror of goodness and powerful light that shines strongly to illumine the dark path of the society where s/he operates.  

The nurse is seen as same both in the hospital setting and outside. The patient and relations that you treat in the hospital will always address you as,”nurse” or “my nurse” whenever they see you either in the bus, train station, driving your car, at the airport, church or any social function.

Reddington Multispecialist Hospital Careers

Reddington Multispecialist Hospital Victoria Island and Ikeja,is an international standard(5 star ) hospital catering to the health needs of the public.

If you would like to work there,you can check out their career page and contact them.There may not be a current need but you can always be called when the need arises especially if you are really qualified. They are always looking for the best.

You should ensure that your skills are sharp and that you can be able to work even with little supervision.

When a patient slapped you

This post is a follow up to the story about Nurse Jane who was slapped by an angry patient while trying to explain to him how to take his food and medications.

Everyone was disturbed and angry but as usual,you need to keep your calm,recalling that he was still a patient and the customer was always right.

But would the customer be right when he assaults or tries to kill you even when you are there to save and nurture his own life?

I promised to let you know what happened between the hospital CEO, the patient and nurse Jane, today. So here is the story. 


Monday, 5 December 2016

General Nursing Scholarships In The USA

General Nursing Scholarships In The USA

Hello dear friends ,I am bringing this for many of you who might be interested in checking out international scholarships for nurses.You should check out the site and also as usual,make due investigations by calling and also writing to know the terms.

Take advantage of this and improve your career. 

I Was Dumped After Buying My Wedding Dress

It’s September. That time of year when the air is cool enough to let you enjoy the sun beating down as you sit on a terrace sipping a glass of sangria. 
I’m laughing with my best friend about her disastrous dates. 

I used to be able to relate, but recently, it has been all about which flowers will be in my bouquet, who makes the guest list, what to do with those relatives I haven’t seen in 10 years but Mom says I “absolutely need” to include.

You, Do You

WARNING! If you clicked on this,make sure you read to the end
Written by Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie

I had a friend in school, the "most likely to succeed" type. 

She was brilliant - book and street smart - had the drive and ambition, was almost always the first to be considered for a position of responsibility but...

Ten years after we graduated, she was still job hunting.

From one mediocre, destiny destroying, slave labour masquerading as a "job" to the other. She would get frustrated after three months of deceiving herself she had a job, and kuku embrace her unemployment status with pride. 

Monitor Heart Rate With A Camera Anywhere!

How would it feel to be able to monitor peoples heart rates with a camera even in public places like bus stops,banking halls,schools and churches without disrupting anything?

The possibilities are endless.

Meet Oxehealth, a startup that plans to turn any regular security camera into a health monitor. 

The British company wants to make it easier to monitor patients in a hospital, police station, psychiatric hospital or an assisted living residence. It’s a non-intrusive way to make sure that everybody is doing well. The startup is launching onstage at Disrupt London.

Nearly Killed By Patient's Relations

It was a day that remains etched in my memory and even though it’s been many years now since it happened, I still recall clearly the terror and fear that ran through the cool atmosphere of that evening as they roared in anger. 

It was just one event captured in a certain place which depicts the risks that nurses and medics face everyday in the discharge of their duties.

Countless remain unknown because they are unreported.

What actually happened?

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Male Nurses Most Likely To Marry Female Nurses

Is it really true?

Is it true that romance or marriage is usually tied somehow to ones profession? What they mean is that people are most likely to marry according to their jobs.

Well,on today's post i want to bring to you 30 jobs in which the people are most likely to marry themselves.

Lets go...


The patient is a regular visitor to that hospital and almost everyone gets upset each time he is seen,coming in for admission.

He is like a terror to the nurse and he seems to be aware of what he was doing.

The shift leaders usually assigned some people to attend to him .He is among the big guys in the city who run things.
Hes also among those who take pleasure in reporting the nurses to the hospital CEO on the flimsiest excuses.

Nobody wants to be queried on useless issues and since the customer is always right,everyone tries to please them even when they obviously misbehaved.

The guy had diabetes,and could not control his blood sugar as directed,hence was always returning for uncontrolled blood glucose.