Sunday, 4 December 2016


The patient is a regular visitor to that hospital and almost everyone gets upset each time he is seen,coming in for admission.

He is like a terror to the nurse and he seems to be aware of what he was doing.

The shift leaders usually assigned some people to attend to him .He is among the big guys in the city who run things.
Hes also among those who take pleasure in reporting the nurses to the hospital CEO on the flimsiest excuses.

Nobody wants to be queried on useless issues and since the customer is always right,everyone tries to please them even when they obviously misbehaved.

The guy had diabetes,and could not control his blood sugar as directed,hence was always returning for uncontrolled blood glucose.

On this particular day,he had come in obviously angry,and we could hear the noise coming from his room as he spoke with his wife who soon after,bolted out of the room,with her baby strapped and left.
The nurse had to do her duty.

After all the admission preliminaries,she left the room and ordered the kitchen department to prepare his meal as stipulated.

When the food was brought,the nurse went in there to instruct him on how other things that would be done after he had eaten and to call once he was done so that she would come and give his drugs.
On returning,later to check and do as said,the guy landed a slap on the nurses face,asking why she had to make him wait for the drugs after she gave the instructions.

Nurse explained that she was attending to an emergency in the other room and her colleague had gone to the pharmacy to collect the emergency drugs that broke as they were bringing it out to administer.

He wasn't convinced .He had even made a call to the CEO,though the man hadn't called in to ask what happened.
He later apologized but nurse Jane already had taken an unnecessary slap from the same person she spent her energy caring for. She became down for the rest of the shift.She really cried that evening .

The next day when the CEO called in,he was told what happened but we didn't know how it was settled.


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