Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Why Many People Want To Be Nurses Nowadays:True or False?

 As we are left this place in November, others were coming in. 

Every year, thousands of candidates are enrolling into the school of nursing. 

This trend was not there before but, recently it seems nursing has become one of the most attractive professions on earth. 

Hundreds of thousand nurses review and pass the board exams, and get licensed annually. Still, more and more are lining up just to get that nursing degree. 

Despite the growing number of the nurses, Nursing is still on the trend as one of the career paths today. This trend continues and increases every year. Here are five reasons to tell you why.

1. The employment opportunities. The industry grows on daily basis because an increasing number of the populace will need adequate care, and we are in a continuously growing population. Job opportunities for the nurses are expanding as well. 

The modern lifestyle and culture brings with it a set of illnesses that require meticulous care and the nurse has to provide it. Nurses can choose from a variety of specializations --- Burns and Plastic Nursing, paediatrics, adult medical-surgical nursing, intensive care, Peri-operative, Accident and emergency care, Orthopaedic Nursing, community health, occupational or industrial. They can also go into teaching or administration. 

The possibilities are so vast and more are still been discovered, where the nurse can fit in.

2.    The compensation Plan. The average compensation for a nurse is good and you continue to take a higher salary grade as you add up years for experience. The least period to become a nurse is two years. 

There are also nurses that prefer to be hired by some big multinationals and their pay is often mouth-watering, though many now prefer a pensionable job (federal job) because it provides a more reliable security. 

As a matter of fact, nurses are not among the professions that look for job for too long. Their complaints are not joblessness, but compensation. There is always a job for the nurse.

3.    Job Stability. When you go working as a nurse, you have a stable job. Since hospitals are comprised of more than half by nurses, and that the healthcare setting is always in a fast-paced motion, changing staffs is not that ideal. 

Doctors spend less time with patients, whereas nurses consume most of the time, becoming the primary caregivers of the sick, therefore changes in the number of the working staff due to dismissal or termination is taxing to the hospital, both to the employers and the other employees.

4.    It serves as a prerequisite to a higher education. If you have the desire to go higher in education nursing provides a veritable environment that gives you unlimited and fertile opportunities to do so. 

If  you are interested in taking up Medicine or any other related course, being a nurse makes it easier as you will not have much problem understanding the subjects like a fresh student.

 Most subjects are similar and your understanding will be faster.

5.    Job Satisfaction.  
Aside from the compensation and job opportunities prepared for you, the sole reason of becoming a nurse is having that sense of fulfilment.

 This is one of the things which keep people attracted to the profession. 

There is nothing as fulfilling as being in a position to assist a person in need or at the point of death and see the person recover and smile again. Nurses become nurses since they have the heart to care, the touch to heal. 

They are patient enough to stay with the sick, and dedicate their time and energy for the benefit of the other.

 The feeling of having been one of the reasons why your stroke patient is able to talk, why your sick paediatric client is able to play and giggle again, simply gives you a rewarding feeling. Getting the chance to save someone else's life is really far more rewarding than anything else.

These are just the five reasons I want you to see. More are coming. And if you are interested, why not pick up a form today and start the process.

 You’ll love it. Best wishes

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