Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Are Nurses Guilty of Indecent Dressing?

Indecent dressing is the wearing of any apparel clothes that is not socially, culturally and morally acceptable. 

The society obviously frowns at this modern trend that is causing serious vices and creating serious outcry. 

The nurse is supposed to be an epitome of every inimitable virtue, a mirror of goodness and powerful light that shines strongly to illumine the dark path of the society where s/he operates.  

The nurse is seen as same both in the hospital setting and outside. The patient and relations that you treat in the hospital will always address you as,”nurse” or “my nurse” whenever they see you either in the bus, train station, driving your car, at the airport, church or any social function.
And each time he will associate you with the hospital.

His memory associates you with immaculate white or blue dress, injections/drugs, calm talk and smiles. They associate you with CARE.

The man, woman or child you cared for in the hospital sees you as that innocent and pure person that cares for people. 

They seem to also associate nurses with high moral standards and silently sees some as role models of kindness, purity and love.And this is what nurses really represent.

There is a silent and gradually increasing talk about indecency in the dress codes of some nurses. However this tends to be common among students nurses and fresh graduates.  

And they can be stuffs like loose or tight fitting gowns, skimpy skirts/gowns which some wear to school and work, tight fitting trousers that reveal the body curves and contours, open blouses that reveal the armpits brazenly and part of the breast when she is not on uniform or when assisting in a procedure in or outside the hospital.


This is not at all arguable as colleagues have been complaining and it is obvious.Worrisome is the seeming silence of some school administrations in handling this issue. Either they claim it not significant or they feign ignorance. 

In all, indecent dressing has certain social, psychological and moral implications:

•    It portrays you as cheap and as one who has no regard for decency and self-dignity. This is because our bodies are meant to be covered and not exposed. We are not animals; we are humans.

•    It encourages sexual harassment. It’s a known fact that many cases of sexual assault of women have been linked to indecent dressing. In the case of the nurse, what she wears to work matters as it can send mixed signals to patients, relations and even some colleagues.

•    It portrays the profession in bad light as some people think and associate nurses with indecent dressing. 

For the single nurses, this can be a hindering factor as prospective suitors who may be patients’ relations may really be allergic to the way you dressed or dresses as you attend to them and conclude that you are not as noble as is acclaimed.

Let us uphold the highest standard of ethical,social and moral integrity and let the world see us like that. We are nurses. 

What's your take on this?
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