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When we were in school of nursing, and even as we write series of exams, there seems to be a stereotyped way of writing nursing diagnoses: It’s always something like this:

Nursing Diagnosis: "Altered Body Comfort-Pain Related To Inflammation And Oedema."

If you are a nurse I know you must have written something like this several times or even discussed an argued about it in the course of your study. You can be able to write a long diagnosis when you are in a less busy unit but when you are in a tight unit, it becomes unnecessary. It is useless to write a nursing diagnosis that your colleagues would not understand.It doesn’t help anybody especially the patient.. Below is a practical tip and writing a good nursing diagnosis and care plan that works:

1. State the nursing diagnosis using simple language. Don't be afraid to include the medical diagnosis.

Everyone on your nursing team needs to be able to understand the patient's problems. If the patient has pneumonia, say so.

The nursing diagnosis, "Ineffective Breathing Patterns related to infection as evidenced by a change in respiratory pattern and tachypnea." becomes "Shortness of Breath (SOB) Secondary to Pneumonia."

2. Write the plan backwards

If you have difficulty coming up with the goal, start with the interventions first. Then write the goal. The goal can be the opposite of the nursing diagnosis.

"No SOB" might be too short.

"Within the next 2 weeks, the patient will no longer have SOB or any other signs or symptoms of pneumonia." is more specific about the outcome you want.

3. Say plainly what you are going to do

Your language does not have to be fancy, just understandable. "Elevate Head of the Bed (HOB) at least 30 degrees" is a clear and concise directive.

4. Eliminate obvious interventions

Don't waste time and energy by saying the obvious like: "Give prescribed antibiotics"

What nurse would not give an ordered medication? Instead, use interventions that remind you what to do such as, "Watch for side effects of antibiotic such as rash, diarrhoea, nausea."

Don't be intimidated when writing nursing care plans. You don't have to write them the way you did in nursing school. Write them the way they are, the way you see it right there. State the problem so everyone can understand it. The goal is often the opposite of the nursing diagnosis. You know what needs to be done.

Don't be afraid to write those interventions down. If you follow these guidelines, you will find that writing the nursing diagnoses and nursing care plan will not only be easier, but will help you take more consistent care of the patients on your shift and from shift to shift.

Be the Best Nurse You Can Be!


 Our people here in Nigeria consume more sugar these days than before. All these “soft drinks and snacks” all over the place have contributed to a large extent. But we are not forced to take them. We choose to take them. We all know the health risks of that-obesity and diabetes, but did you know that too much sugar consumption can cause wrinkles? A dermatology study published in Britain found that a process called glycation causes sugar to attach to the proteins in collagen and elastin and thus make the skin look older especially after age 35. That makes it as much a culprit in causing wrinkles as smoking and too much sun exposure.

Women should not eat more than 25 grams or approximately 6-7 teaspoons of sugar a day. One way to cut down on sugar is to avoid processed food. Another is to check the sugar amount in fruit juices, many juices have more sugar than a piece of whole fruit. A helpful habit is to drink a glass of water (or seltzer) if you are craving sweets. If that doesn't help, have a small piece of dark chocolate or a few berries. And, If that doesn't help, think of the day someone learns you are 75 and says, "I would have guessed your age as much younger."


Nutritionists tells us that advanced glycation end products (AGEs) form when sugar and fats react with a protein that causes a structure to change irreversibly, and attach to many things in the body which in turn causes damage. As mentioned above, we can create these AGEs when we eat sugar. We can consume AGEs when we eat foods that are processed and/or heated. We need to avoid AGEs because they can increase inflammation and oxidation which in turn causes aging and age-related diseases affecting the heart, brain, bones, kidneys, anemia and the skin. Michelle Davenport is a research nutritionist, , of the New York School of Medicine, New York. Cooking methods, such as browning, grilling, roasting, broiling and frying create AGEs. Other culprits are highly processed foods and high fat dairy products such as cheese. To reduce AGEs, marinate food in an acid (lemon juice or vinegar) before cooking. Eating a variety of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods help reduce the oxidation and inflammation that AGEs cause.. Adding berries, sweet potatoes and leafy greens to our diet helps reduce the AGEs effect.


We need good, healthy, fatty acids like omega-3 to help keep skin supple, boost brain health, keep the heart strong and fight diabetes. The research to isolate the omega-3 is very new so in the meantime, nutritional literature recommends we eat a variety of whole foods, rich in vitamins B,C,D, E and omega-3s The literature says to avoid vegetable oils rich in omega-6 (corn, soy, sunflower, safflower) and limit the fats found in butter and cheese. We should consume more extra virgin olive oil, olives, avocados, almonds and fatty fish. We need 21/2 teaspoons of omega fatty acids a day which we can get from a purified fish oil supplement or a tablespoon of cod liver oil. Take either with food for better consumption.

No one has said aging well is easy. But forming good healthy eating habits when younger and maintaining them as you age, will enable you to look and feel younger as you enter those "golden years."

    Continuous effort is the key to unlocking our potential—Black,elk,native American

Why Marry A Nurse (part 2)


You are most welcome to this country where you meet the most intelligent, versatile and caring nurses. We present here the modern trends in nursing and what you need to know about nurses. We give you health updates to help you stay fit and happy. There is a certain misconception among the public about nurses and I believe that with patient teaching they’ll be able to understand who the nurse is and why s/he acts the way s/he does.

Today again let me introduce you to some nurses you may not know about or have heard about them but not appreciate how wonderful they are. If you are considering marrying a nurse, you’ve NOT made an error. Your friend will envy you.

Meet the noblest professionals!

Plastic Nurse:

You can call her a Burns and Plastic Nurse or Aesthetic/Cosmetic nurse.

Never seen a creature so fast and so gentle at the same time; a very rare mix. Super fast to respond to critical conditions and also so cool and gentle in handling the hurting soul! You should not be surprised because that’s how she is trained—fast to respond, with very keen sense of observation, and also to treat the crushed, disfigured, emotionally wrecked, psychologically fleeced minds, physically battered bodies with the utmost gentleness. Just see a plastic nurse and you see gentleness personified! She can make the odd to be desirable again and bring the ancient to look modern.

That face or body that they can’t look on again, she knows how to get it to compete in a beauty contest and win. Trust her. She’s got the voice that speaks life, the eyes that instils hope and inspires happiness and her hands have got the touch that sooths like new wine or oil.

She knows how to ensure that even if you have a 90% physical, social or psychological burns, you will be free from any unwanted infection that will give you physiological oedema and emotional extravasations of all your hopes.

You will surely see and imbibe hope from her countenance even in the most seemingly helpless situations. She knows what to do to save you from social, physical and emotional disfigurement by applying the right psychological physiotherapy to save you from dangerous and incapacitating emotional contractures. Her children do not have character blemishes as she knows the solution. The plastic Nurse is the one if gentleness and carefulness is a virtue you appreciate. This nurse is multi-functional as you find her performing the role of almost all the other nurses. She is a total package not lacking a thing. Check her out.

Accident and Emergency Nurse:

For her you have no need to worry about any fatality in case of a brokenness of any form. And the best is that she is always battle ready (ready to work 247)always alert and ready to move to anywhere to save a situation. If you meet her outside she’s the same as when you meet her in her office-always prepared. 

Then bring in a case, and she will get you smiling the next minute as she expertly mobilizes forces that will skilfully save the near dead and rescue from the jaw of death.

Her resuscitative ability unbeatable even in the comatose

The A&E nurse as she is fondly called has no fear of any emergency in the home and you know what? She ensures that all loopholes that might cause you to loose anything and lead you to shed tears are well plugged! Such an expert manager you can trust her.

From the immediate scene of accident where you thought all hope was lost, she appears and picks you up and soon restoration begins. Your life and home, your children and extended family and friends she knows treat in any case to save their lives.

Perioperative Nurse:

Ever heard about them? You rarely see them when you visit the hospital because their work is done in the “sanctuary”. A kind of enclosure called theater where the perform the most spectacular act of saving lives by repairing an abnormality, removing a problem or introducing a lost part that will make life better.

The periop nurse is always there with the instrument and knows the names and dates of invention of all those weird-looking and fear-inspiring equipment that are used to save life.
No matter the case, however the people might think it is hopeless, you will find her well composed and calm, thoughtfully thinking out what to do. And when she’s done, a miracle happens.

The periop nurse is a wise decision if you want to go that direction. Meet a highly calculative, life-loving and careful person who will make you exude life each moment.

Watch out as more nurses come your way tomorrow.
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Health Facts From The Nurse


With social and career success being firmly rooted in modern life, physical appearance is more important than ever. Everyone wants to look trim and fit to be acceptable and also be able to fit into the fast-paced life of modern society. Therefore many people are interested in keeping themselves in shape, especially after a winter of eating heavier food at the expense of fresh vegetables at fruits.


The first thing to do when trying to get rid of the unwanted excess kilograms is to take a look at your diet. This is very important and needs your utmost attention. This is the first step on your journey. Are you relying heavily on chips, soda and fast food (meat-pie, cakes, short bread no matter the make or where you got them) to make it through the day? You also know that what we have as meat-pie here is nothing but flour stuffed with carrots or sometimes Irish potatoes. Are you eating enough vegetables and fruits? While hamburgers, fries and soda are a tasty and satisfying combination, it is also a deadly proposition to your health. If you want to stay fit, you must quit eating high-powered food that provides too much energy.

Your body doesn’t like to waste things it can use later on and energy is one of the most important things that can be stored. Eating hamburgers and chips while leading a largely sedentary lifestyle gives your body much more energy than it normally uses. This energy is not thrown away, but converted to fat and put into storage. Therefore, you must cut down on this type of food and turn to the humbler fruits and vegetables to keep hunger in check without putting your health at risk.

The second part of the system is exercising. While a sound diet makes sure your body doesn’t get more energy than it needs, exercising is here to help use up energy already stored. Taking brisk walks after meals is OK, exercising half an hour per day is good, and going to a gym for an hour or so five days a week is perfect. 

There’s no need to starve or exhaust yourself. Diet and exercising can be fun with a bit of thinking and a positive attitude.

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Finally A Cure For HIV/AIDS

 While the world has been praying and working hard to find a solution to the scourge of HIV/AIDS, it is ironic what the reaction of millions would be if such a remedy is eventually found. Such is the kind of worries already shown by not a few over the introduction of TRUVADA, the new wonder drug for prevention of HIV, Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). The drug is a combination of Tenofovir 200mg and Emtricitabine 300mg.

It was discovered that a combination of these two substances increases the compliance with ARDs by patients. TRUVADA was developed by Gilead Sciences Inc.

It has been examined and found that Tenofovir alone or combined with Emtricitabine, significantly reduces the risk of contracting HIV, hence FAD(Food and Drug Administration),the USA equivalent of NAFDAC approved it for prophylactic use on 16 July 2012.It works by blocking the action of the protein that HIV needs to infect the human body. But clinical trials show that it can also protect uninfected high-risk people from acquiring the virus, if they take the drug daily before and after exposure.

Prof (Mrs) Ibironke Akinsete
Now one person who has shown serious concern is Professor (Mrs) Ibironke Akinsete.She is a pioneers Chairman of National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA). She stated that the knowledge of the use of this drug among Nigerian youths and even adults will lead to promiscuity and crass immorality. This will in the long run produce new cases of infection and we would be worse for it. The fear of HIV seems to have kept some people from living carelessly and being more safety conscious. If that fear is removed, then recklessness takes the center stage.

The approval is controversial. Some public health experts argue that allowing the drug to be used for prevention will foster a false sense of security among users, leading people to believe mistakenly that they are immune to the virus and reduce their use of condoms. However, the FDA determined that the benefits of expanding the pool of people who may use Truvada to protect against HIV made it worth approving. Another concern is that for the drug to really work in healthy individuals who are exposing themselves, they need to take it daily just like one taking Contraceptive pills.

Well for anyone who may want to live recklessly or stake his life on any pill, I advice you to read more about TRUVADA and see what the manufacturers said about it.

•    TRUVADA does not always prevent HIV. Would you like to stake your life on something that is not 100% safe? I know your life is much more than a thing to play a game with.

•    Just Taking TRUVADA MAY NOT keep you from getting HIV.

•    TRUVADA does NOT cure HIV or AIDS.

Read more about the drug here:

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Why Marry A Nurse?(part 1)

Nurses are not the gods or demigods, but they are noble at heart. They are not perfect, but even the worst nurse you can meet still has that angelic-human trait that is uniquely nurses. Though some are really tough, some are rough and some are hard to deal with, still from the professional perspective, nurses are really one of the nicest people to encounter. The following description is a personal analysis and just for information and entertainment purposes.

While I placed some traits to some particular specialty, every nurse has these qualities in appreciable degree, no matter how s/he appears on the outside.

Please meet the Noblest Professionals!

Paediatric Nurse:

She is so tender-hearted and has that inborn trait that compels her to care for any child whether he’s beautiful or ugly, deformed or perfect, black or white; whether the parents are rich or poor, preterm or full term.

Her driving principle is that this is a child of God and must be fully cared for. She is the mother of all; the real mother of the house and no one feels like a stranger.  A little cry from the baby and she jumps to her feet to wipe out any cause of discomfort. This is the way she treats any man that comes her way.

 Though fully grown and full of age, she still sees that man as her baby in need of tender care and she can go to any length to ensure her man is happy and not In pains. She handles temper tantrum perfectly.She is a paediatric nurse.

Psychiatric Nurse:

Check out that smile on her face. A look on that face and you are already smiling too. Some say its because of her constant encounter with the psychiatric patients, but a closer contact will tell you that she‘s got that magnetic character and that the infectious smile is deep down in her and not cosmetic.

She has the magic wand to bring in vigour and vitality in a crippling situation and also to bring the wildest psychological or emotional conflagration under control! 

 She lights up every atmosphere she steps into no matter how sullen it has been. No matter how hard a man is, no matter how wild he gets, a psychiatric nurse can tame him.

 No matter how rough or tough the children,however schizophrenic,manic or psychotic in-laws, friends and husband become, the psychiatric nurse knows the exact keys to bring him back to his senses…like magic. She has no hopeless case. And she does it all smiling! That’s a psychiatric Nurse.

Orthopaedic Nurse:

Enters the nurse with for whom no brokenness is hopeless!

With meticulous attention and care she wades through the most intricate and bloody hurts, trying to sooth all pains and get you smiling again. “Broken beyond repair” is not in her dictionary. For her the phrase is wrong. However badly broken a heart is, no matter how crushing the disappointment, call in the orthopaedic nurse and peace reigns again. She can assemble all the pieces wherever they have splintered and fallen to and knit them together again.

She can apply the correct weight of emotional splint to get your psychologically shattered situation immobilized and stabilized. She will tell you the exact period of time it takes for any type of hurt to heal even as she applies her relevant emotional traction. Your body and soul is totally care for by the orthopedic nurse. You only need to be patient because she is a very patient person.No matter how fractured the situation is You don’t need to tell her what to do. 

Trust the orthopaedic nurse.

Her children can never break off their character or get deformed in attitude. She knows how to handle that. So why not consider the orthopaedic nurse….eeemm let me leave you for now. See you tomorrow.



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How to Be A Happy Nurse

Are you happy as a nurse? Are you fulfilled in this profession, being a nurse? Many people love to be in this profession and they do all it takes to come In only to discover sometimes that they want to leave! Family problems, working environment, colleagues, patients and the nature of the work itself sometimes get some people off.

 If you are in this category, below are some tips to handle such low moments and help you stay strong and HAPPY in this profession:
  • Have time for yourself
One of the major reasons for unhappiness of nurses is work overload. Plan your work in such a way that you do not crowd out the time you’ll have to stay with family and friends. Some nurses are so occupied that the only thing they do on off days is to sleep due to stress encountered in the week. Once you are not having time for family and friends, you will feel deprived inside of you and dissatisfaction sets in. Make out time to go out and ease off. By so doing your sleep days and off duty days will be a fun-filled period and you’ll become happier.
  • Avoid unhappy people.

Sadness is a disease and sometimes it can be transferred. Ensure that you keep away from people who always have something bad to talk about in the work place and change a good mood into a bad one. There are people like that and there are also times when the truth about an ugly situation has to be told, But not to be a habit.

Try to be with people who find happiness despite the stress and negativities of work. After all, every kind of job is stressful. It all depends on how one handles it.

  • Have a hobby.
Having a new hobby allows you to have something to look forward to doing. It does not have to be something very challenging. A hobby is a beautiful distraction. It inspires positivity and works as a stress reliever. In the workplace you can read, write. At home you can learn a new game or sport.
  • Be reflective.
Give yourself time to reflect on the things that you like and dislike about your job. It would also help if you write down your thoughts on it. And if you really are contemplating about quitting your job, what kind of job are you looking for next? Where do you want to work in? What kind of work atmosphere are you looking for? Is there any way you can be happy with your current job? What kind of changes do you want to see in your current workplace? Leaving a job is as difficult as looking for a new one. So, it is best to really think about the consequences of your actions.

Happiness is all about setting your mind to it. Being a happy registered nurse requires effort.And that effort will come from YOU.....BE HAPPY!

Tips On Coping With Difficult Patients And Clients

It is very clear that there will always be patients and clients that we're not so keen to look after. This arises from the fact that many patients we encounter in the course of our daily work have attitudes that you may not be very comfortable with.

Some are bearable but some are obviously irritating and you just feel like keeping off but, we are required to give the same treatment and care to everyone no matter their individual differences. It is our duty to give all patients the best care that we can.

Because the truth is, it was our choice to be a nurse and being a nurse requires professionalism, compassion and understanding. It wasn’t the patient’s fault that she is in the hospital. No one would wish to be there. So you need to know that the first thing on the patients mind is, “Why should I be here?”

That makes some patients become difficult to take care of. Not only have that, but medications and conditions further made them more difficult to deal with.

Below are a few suggestions that will help you deal with even your most difficult patients.

1. Be a good listener.

Look, you can build a good relationship with the most difficult patient by just listening to him. Even if you don’t like him, as long as he is under your care and your goal is to see him well and gone, start by listening. It is therefore important that you listen to patient's complaints and while doing it, establish eye contact.

Doing this can help you take a step closer to having a good relationship with the patient.And it pays off well.

2. Your body language matters.

As a nurse you should know that once you are with a patient, he sees you a god. Everything you do matters much to him. Every movement you make is full of meaning to him because he believes it’s for his good. And he’s totally dependent on you. So frowning your face, folding your arms, shrugging or looking at your watch when he is laying his concerns to you will send a wrong message. Make him feel relaxed. Professional smile and touch soothes pain and transmits hope. Don’t forget it.

3. Always be nice to all.

Keep in mind that patients do not want to be where they are right now. In your case, you chose that profession. So you need to be more patient and extra nice to patients. Be nice to their relations too. It all adds up to quick recovery.

4. Be Attentive.

When patients threaten to harm you or self do not take it lightly; report immediately to a higher person. When a patient threatens to sue the hospital or claims that he had sued an institution before, please do not brush it aside as idle talk. Be very attentive and report. And also take extra care to record everything pertaining to him and care given so that you’ll be safe in case of litigation. Nurse very carefully and don’t neglect to record all relevant data. It will always save a situation.

5. Its not bad to Seek for help.

If you are not at home caring for a particular patient, you can tell your superior about it and make it clear why you feel so. She can help and re-allocate the care to someone else. It also happens that after sometime especially if the patient will stay long in the facility, he might become friendly again and you would be able to manage him without pressure.

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Muhammed Ali's Advice To Her Daughters:A Must Read.

You Can't Get Ali Just Like That !

This is the exact conversation between them when the girls came home one day wearing some indecent dress.

This is a very popular and educative piece from the ‘‘World’s greatest boxer’’ of all times-Muhammed Ali (Cassius Marcellus Clay,Jnr).You should also realise that Ali is a Muslim and I reproduce this here for both adherents of the two religions to see what we do in light of what it should be. This story was narrated by Ali’s daughter herself,Hana. Hear Her:

‘‘…My father took a good look at us then he sat me down on his lap and said something I’ll never forget. he looked me straight in the eyes and said  “Hana, everything that God made valuable in the world is covered and hard to get to. Where do you find diamonds? Deep down in the ground, covered and protected, in a beautiful shell. Where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, covered up and protected in a beautiful shell. Where do you find gold? Way down in the mine, covered over with layers and layers of rock. You’ve got to work hard to get to them’’

Ali and daughter,Hana
. He looked at me with serious eyes and said again, ‘‘Your body is sacred. You are far more precious than diamonds and pearles, and you should be covered too’’----Source,Book: Muhammed Ali’s Life Through His Daughter’s Eyes’’

What About It?
This is so timely now that many of our people are seeing the western indecent dress code as the rule or commandment of dressing. The truth is that even in Europe and America as well as other places, there is still an outcry and condemnation of indecent dressing by noble people of all races. No amount of civilization, twisted logic or freedom can turn a bad thing into a good thing. Such can only happen in the dead conscience of a person who wants to indulge without restrains.

One also finds this craze for indecent exposure among some nurses and other health professionals, especially the students. It does not tell good of you and the profession and you will only realize this later when all the deed has been done. The rave for exposed breasts,buttocks,thighs(hot legs),nipples, g-strings, push ups, show-back, ass-level, sag and topless stuffs that show the contours of the body don’t show a good image of you. 

In the week it was Nicole Kidman exposing her buttocks on V-Magazine front cover.

The world goes crazier everyday but recall that only mad people go nude (and not all).Please, cover your bodies.

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You Should Love The Nurse

She’s got the hands that sooth your pains. The voice that calms your fears .Her presence alone by your side is like a refreshing breeze and like soothing oil at the point of pain.

She has a heart that thinks about you as under her care and wishes she could do anything to make you happy and well again.

The nurse cries when she sees and hears you groan and wriggle in pain, though you may not see her tears. 
 Her heart aches but you may not feel the weight. 

She really hurts when you sigh. And for any life that goes she is shaken much more than anyone around can imagine. The nurse is lovable and beautiful.....


Cynthia's Murder:Facebook Is Evil?

Cynthia Osokogu

In case you’ve not heard it or you’ve heard but are yet to read the story and believe,that beautiful picture here is of a 24 year old girl,Cynthia Udoka Osokogu,the daughter of a retired army officer murdered by friends she met on facebook.She was an only daughter.

The guys had been caught and are in police custody presently.

Cynthia and the guys had come to be friends for sometime and they interacted not only on facebook but also via phone calls and sms. However, the whole story started from facebook.She was a very smart and enterprising woman; and a post-graduate of Nasarawa State University.

She came to trust these guys based on their conversation over time and they promised to host her when she came to Lagos. The young enterprising Cynthia was into clothing retailing and had planned to travel to Lagos for a re-stocking of her boutique.

Its even speculated that  The guys had paid for her air fare and came to pick her at the airport from where they took her to a hotel in Festac, where these devils held her hostage for twelve hours under untold inhuman treatment demanding money from the young innocent girl.

They collected all the money that she came to shop with, raped her, beat her mercilessly and later strangled her.

This incident had lead many people to conclude that the social media, especially facebook is evil and must be avoided or even closed down.

It quickly brings to mind a similar incident that was in the news some months back about a girl who was gang-raped by her ‘‘2GO’’ friends in one of higher institutions, who shamelessly recorded the act and posted it on the internet.

Read what happens even outside our country…

An article from Mailonline of 4 June,2012 reads:, 
Mark Zukerberg  28, CEO Facebook
“A crime linked to Facebook  is reported to police every  40 minutes.

Last year, officers logged 12,300 alleged offences involving the vastly popular social networking site.

Facebook was referenced in investigations of murder, rape, child sex offences, assault, kidnap, death threats, witness intimidation and fraud. The vast majority of cases involved alleged harassment or intimidation by cyber-bullies, according to figures obtained under a Freedom of Information request.

Around half of police forces in England and Wales supplied details for when Facebook was recorded in crime reports. Teenager Ashleigh Hall was murdered by serial rapist Peter Chapman after he groomed her on Facebook.

Chapman, 35, posed as a handsome teenager called Peter Cartwright to lure 17-year-old trainee nurse Ashleigh into his trap in September 2009.

He sent her a series of text messages and arranged to meet some weeks later, claiming to be ‘Peter’s dad’ to explain why he looked nothing like his photo.

Chapman drove Ashleigh to a secluded area called Thorpe Larches, near Sedgefield in County Durham.

Once there, he forced her to perform a sex act before binding and gagging her with duct tape, wrapping so much around her head that she suffocated to death.

Ashleigh Hall,the 17-year old nurse trainee victim.

He then dumped her body in a ditch and drove off.

In March 2010, Chapman was sentenced to a minimum of 35 years in jail for Ashleigh’s kidnap, rape and murder.

In Greater Manchester, parents called police after a paedophile induced their  13-year-old son to send indecent pictures of himself.

In Staffordshire, a school bus driver used Facebook to attempt to groom a 14-year-old boy.

And, in another case, a jilted boyfriend posted a naked picture of his former girlfriend, who was 17, on the site.

Jean Taylor, of Families Fighting for Justice, a campaign group which calls for tougher sentences for murder, said: ‘Facebook has an awful lot to answer for.

‘People say it’s a social networking site but it causes more harm than good. It’s far too easy for paedophiles to put a photograph of themselves up on the site and meet young people. Facebook should be closed down.’

A senior detective said: ‘What people need to remember is that crime is just a reflection of the society that we live in.

‘Just like a knife or a car, there is nothing intrinsically dangerous or criminal about Facebook, but  just like both of those things it needs to be treated with respect because of the dangers that can be associated with its use.

‘However, it has to be accepted that Facebook has made the commissioning of some crimes, such as sexual grooming, much easier than they were in the past, and we need to be aware of that.’ Earlier this year, the Daily Mail revealed hundreds of criminals have been using the site to taunt their victims from behind bars.

Prison authorities found 350 inmates posting on Facebook in the past two years, using banned mobile phones smuggled into jails. Some continued to run their criminal empires from behind bars using the site.

A Facebook spokesman said it worked with police to bring serious offenders on the site to justice.

‘Just like mobile phones and TVs, Facebook is part of our everyday lives,’ he added.

‘Facebook’s community standards, supported by reporting tools on almost every page of the site, mean such conduct is swiftly dealt with.

‘Facebook users act as the world’s largest neighbourhood watch and are very active in keeping the site safe.

'When matters of serious criminality are found on Facebook then we work with law enforcement to bring those responsible to justice.’

Facebook launched on the New York stock market last month, making many of its staff instant millionaires.

But the value of the shares has plummeted since then, falling almost 30 per cent in just over a fortnight.

Peter Chapman 37, Killed Ashleigh Hall
As a result, founder Mark Zuckerberg has seen £3.2billion wiped off his personal fortune, taking it to a still extremely healthy £9.4billion.’’

The social media and all that is done there is the same as what is done in the real world. Just as there are evil people in the real world, so you also have evil people hiding behind their computer screens and planning how to kill, cheat and destroy.

The percentage of people who use facebook for evil are not more than those who use it for good-and not only facebook but countless others social media and web 2.0 sites.

 Genuine businesses go on the social media each moment; sweet relationships are built daily; wonderful, life-saving information and ideas are shared each moment and many lives are made better because of the social media.
Some folks have even met their partners there!

Ask google,yahoo,ebay,amazon,Clickbank,microsoft etc and they will tell you.


 We should also know that, social media crimes will never stop as long as the internet exists, just as cyber crime will never stop.Cynthia should not be blamed.Anybody could have been a victim,just as many people have been scammed,raped,even killed by some people they trusted.

The rule here is carefulness in your choice of friends and in your interactions. Just as you take your time to sift your friends in real life, apply same strategy to making friends online. And report any suspicious person to your friends and parents.Do not plan to meet a stranger in a lonely place. Limit the amount of information you give out to strangers.

And if you must meet the person, why not do it in company or even in a public place? You can schedule to meet in church or mosque or some other place that you will be secure. If you are a parent, check who your kids' online friends are just as you would do the people they go with in the real world.

Facebook is not evil; rather some users are pure devils. Watch them!

May God grant her family the grace to bear this irreparable loss.May Cynthia’s soul rest in peace.AMEN.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Rape:An Evil Going Epidemic

Shauna Prewitt

''You see, nine months after my rape, I gave birth to a beautiful little girl. You could say she was conceived in rape; she was. But she is also so much more than her beginnings. I blissfully believed that after I finally had decided to give birth to and to raise my daughter, life would be all roses and endless days at the playground. I was wrong again.But blaming myself was neither my idea nor my first inclination. I thought such 17th-century notions were long dead. I was wrong. People who did not even know me were quick to comment or speculate on my rape. What were you wearing? Did you scream loudly? Did this occur in public?.''.----Shauna Prewitt

Those were the words of Shauna Prewitt, a Chicago lawyer who was raped at 21,in her final year at college and had to undergo the agony of giving birth to the baby she knew was by that painful and shameful means.She loved her baby and did not want to loose her despite the circumstances.

She discovered that majority of States in the US give parental rights to men who father through rape.Her experience made her to become a lawyer so she could fight this practice and encourage  states to make it illegal.

In her opinion,many women who are raped become pregnant and give birth.Shauna later wrote a book,entitled: ''Giving Birth To A Rapist's Child''.

Back home, rape has become almost an epidemic and we hear many gory tales of this shameful act daily.The worst aspect of our own case is that majority are not recorded,but rape happens almost everyday.Our sisters and their parents and loved ones are helpless most of the time.The cult of silence helps to encourage the rapists.It is also encouraged by the attitude of our law enforcement agents who usually make jests of the whole issue when reported to them(where did it happen?,what were you wearing?why did you go to such place? etc).

Also,owing to cultural beliefs and tradition most parents refuse to speak out when their child is molested for fear of being despised as having a wayward daughter.Others feel that speaking out or making it public will expose their daughter to ridicule and affect her chances of getting married,and thus evil is covered and the perpetrators protected.

 Let us speak out against rape.Let us expose this evil and the doers.Only then will we have made a step in the right direction .WE could be victims tomorrow!

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Meet The First ''Test-Tube'' Baby

Louise Brown….Have you ever heard that name? That’s  the miracle baby that was born via  IVF  on 25 July 1978 to Lesley and John brown. Louise  became the very first baby to be conceived through in vitro fertilization or what is commonly known to the media and the general public  as ''test tube baby''. For nine(9) years Her parents had been having problems conceiving owing to certain complications of blocked fallopian tubes.  The procedure was not really done in a ''test tube'',as popularly assumed, but in a petri dish.
This procedure was developed by Patrick Steptoe (gynaecologist) and Robert Edwards. And this particular breakthrough earned Edwards a Nobel Prize in medicine in 2010.

Her mother, Lesley underwent the procedure on 10 November 1977 and on 25 July 1978, a bouncing baby girl, LOUISE JOY BROWN was born.Place: Oldham General Hospital, England.Louise's sister, Natalie who was also born by same means four years later. Natalie herself became the first IVF baby to give birth –naturally herself. Her daughters name is Casey.

Louise got married in 2004 to Wesley Mullinder and Dr Edwards (the physiologist  that performed the procedure) attended the wedding!
She conceived naturally and her son Cameron was born on 20 December 2006.

Since the birth of Louise many couples who have had difficulties  conceiving have had a reason to smile and millions of births have come through this method.However, many ethical issues have been raised regarding the procedure:

•    The most important question was whether this baby was going to be healthy.
•    Had being outside the womb, even for just a couple of days, harmed the egg, what would be the implications? If the baby has medical problems, did the parents and doctors have a right to play with nature and thus bring it into the world?
•    Doctors also worried that if the baby wasn't normal, would the process be blamed whether or not it was the cause?
•    When does life begin? If human life begins at conception, are doctors killing potential humans when they discard fertilized eggs? (Doctors may remove several eggs from the woman and may discard some that have been fertilized which happens.)
•    Is this process a foreshadowing of what is to come? Will there be surrogate mothers? Aldous Huxley made a prediction of the future when he described breeding farms in his book Brave New World. That means the possible use of women as ''baby factories’’
This is what the then Pope John Paul 1(Albino Luciani) said concerning the issue:
"Getting down, however, to the act in itself, and good faith aside, the moral problem which is posed is: is extra- uterine fertilization in vitro or in a test tube, licit? I do not find any valid reasons to deviate from this norm, by declaring licit the separation of the transmission of life from the marriage act." 

You can follow Louise on twitter: @louisebrown (

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Is It Wrong For An Adult To Feel Home-Sick?

I don't know if any of you ever feel the way i do about home.if you do,kindly indicate by using the comment or send button below to indicate.

Feeling home sick was something that happened when we were younger and then we could not stay away from mom and dad for long without feeling like flying away to reunite with them again.Now that one is a grown up,i thought i would be so strong that i could forget all those ''childhood''attachments,but i was wrong.It seems i even feel more like going home now than then. Is it still right for me to feel home sick at this age?

The writer really needs sincere answers from you the reader.

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A Nurse Is A Leader

 Sometimes it baffles me how some of our nurse are easily cowed under certain circumstances.This is most visible when other domineering health professionals place undue pressure on the nurse at her place of work.And also contributing is the normal demanding nature of nursing work.

Nursing is indeed demanding but also a rewarding profession not in terms of remuneration,but the deep satisfaction that comes from knowing that you helped someone get better and smile.It feels good.

However you as a nurse should realize that you are a leader wherever you take critical decisions in caring for your patient,you do some of the most difficult jobs that even some family members find hard to do for their relations--the nurse does it cheerfully,you counsel and keep the patient's spirit and body alive when all seem lost and gone,you handle not only the sick person but also his family and relations and with your mental energy,you ensure that all of them are cared for adequately before they leave the hospital.......No one can take over this work from you,no other can do it.So be strong.


Friday, 17 August 2012

Do You Enjoy Being A Nurse?

Nursing is one of the most rewarding careers, particularly if you enjoy helping people. The level of satisfaction and joy you derive from it depends on the mindset with which you approach the profession.

 Here are some tips that can help you to continue to enjoy your job and to enjoy it more as you learn more about it.
  • One important thing that needs to be considered if you are a nurse is the stress that is associated with the job. It certainly is true that you are going to be on the run as a nurse and your time is going to be highly valued. The several challenges of the job can really task you not just physically but emotionally.Some patients may not help issues as they prove difficult to handle no matter how much care and love you try to give.. You need to make sure that you have an outlet for the stress that is associated with the job. There are many things you can do to keep healthy even while you work---exercises. You would be surprised what these can do for your career.
  • It also helps to take a close look at your career from time to time and see if any changes are necessary. Going over your specific nursing job description may be of benefit in this regard. It helps to look into the changing horizon in the profession and see how you too can fit in.You can apply for a distant learning on even apply for an online degree in nursing which can be done at.
  • You may find that it is to your benefit to become a teacher. This is not only a great way for you to help others to learn more about nursing, it can actually teach you a considerable amount about the healthcare industry as well. Of course, this is also something that can assist you with your job, as your supervisors will likely view your determination to be a teacher as being a desirable trait. It is yet another way that helping others can help you in the long run.
  • If I could give you one more piece of advice about being a nurse, it would be to learn how to work well with others. As a nurse, you are part of an overall team that may include many different jobs within the healthcare industry. Even though sometimes certain members of the health team want to dominate others. This also is another cause of stress in nurses.And you can overcome it by building a positive attitude to life.

Nurses Are Really Angelic Humans

The were arguing in the cab about the saying that nurse are angels and the opposing man  didnt seem to be making any headway.Finally,my friend motioned him to keep quiet and listen to his story and what made him to believe that nurses are angels.

''I was once rushed to hospital sometime in 2006 after been invoved in a ghastly auto crash.By the time we arrived the hospital,it was 7:48pm and the night nurses were taking over from the afternoon nurses and getting ready to go home.On seeing the number of casualties(about 6 of us) rushed in and in critical condition,all of them just got up from their desks and started attending to us.They got the infusions(drip),called some other colleagues from the next section to come and assist,and about 3 of us who were unconscious were put on the couches and everyone was running around to see that we got better''.

''Looking at them I knew that they were tired.I particularly noticed one of them who  even used her money to buy some food for me and my friend when all others had finally gone home.She stayed with us after dressing our wounds(I could say all this because I only had a fracture on my leg,so I was completely alert).They said that no food should be given to the other guys.I didn't know why''.

''This nurse really behaved as if she had known me and my friend for many years,that I was tempted to suspect she was up to something  funny .I was told it was just a professional attitude.But to me,it was a rare attitude that I witnessed that day.These set of people were totally commited to us and were ready to give everything to see we got better and we all saw it in them.I instantly concluded that if that was how nurses behaved,then I must marry a nurse.As I'm talking to you now,one of those patients,the man we even thought was going to die,later married one of the nurses!YES.They live in Kent,United Kingdom today.I later learnt that the guy was an engineer working with a construction firm in Benin City.And I'm seriously planning my own wedding with the very one i told you that she bought food with her money for me that night.''

''I will say it everywhere that nurse are really angelic,no matter what some of them do to taint the image of the profession''

The argument could not continue and before long the cab pulled up and we all dispersed.