Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Health Facts From The Nurse


With social and career success being firmly rooted in modern life, physical appearance is more important than ever. Everyone wants to look trim and fit to be acceptable and also be able to fit into the fast-paced life of modern society. Therefore many people are interested in keeping themselves in shape, especially after a winter of eating heavier food at the expense of fresh vegetables at fruits.


The first thing to do when trying to get rid of the unwanted excess kilograms is to take a look at your diet. This is very important and needs your utmost attention. This is the first step on your journey. Are you relying heavily on chips, soda and fast food (meat-pie, cakes, short bread no matter the make or where you got them) to make it through the day? You also know that what we have as meat-pie here is nothing but flour stuffed with carrots or sometimes Irish potatoes. Are you eating enough vegetables and fruits? While hamburgers, fries and soda are a tasty and satisfying combination, it is also a deadly proposition to your health. If you want to stay fit, you must quit eating high-powered food that provides too much energy.

Your body doesn’t like to waste things it can use later on and energy is one of the most important things that can be stored. Eating hamburgers and chips while leading a largely sedentary lifestyle gives your body much more energy than it normally uses. This energy is not thrown away, but converted to fat and put into storage. Therefore, you must cut down on this type of food and turn to the humbler fruits and vegetables to keep hunger in check without putting your health at risk.

The second part of the system is exercising. While a sound diet makes sure your body doesn’t get more energy than it needs, exercising is here to help use up energy already stored. Taking brisk walks after meals is OK, exercising half an hour per day is good, and going to a gym for an hour or so five days a week is perfect. 

There’s no need to starve or exhaust yourself. Diet and exercising can be fun with a bit of thinking and a positive attitude.

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