Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Nigeria Army Said To Have Rescued Nearly 300 Girls, Women From Boko Haram

Above is a screen capture of the tweeter page of the Nigerian army defense headquarters announcing the rescue of about 200 girls and 93 women.This is pretty good news for every person of goodwill and it means a lot for Nigerians,for their communities and their families.Kudos to our military no matter what has happened.

None of the 200 schoolgirls kidnapped near the village of Chibok last year are believed to be among those rescued, according to Aljazeera.

Nigeria's army said Tuesday it has rescued 200 girls and 93 women during a military operation to wrest back the Sambisa Forest from the Boko Haram armed group.

"Troops this afternoon rescued 200 girls and 93 women from Sambisa Forest," the army said on its Twitter account.

 A spokesman later told Reuters that those rescued did not include any "Chibok girls," a reference to the more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped from the town of Chibok in northeast Nigeria in April 2014. That incident sparked an international outcry over the horrific violence unleashed by the group for years with little response by government.

The army also said Nigerian troops had destroyed three camps run by Boko Haram fighters there.
In April 2014, shortly after the schoolgirls from Chibok were abducted, an army spokesman claimed it had rescued most of the girls and only eight were still missing. The report was disputed by the school's principal and was proven to be false.

Nigerian forces backed by warplanes invaded the vast former colonial game reserve late last week as part of a push to win back territory from the group.

The group, notorious for violence against civilians, controlled an area roughly the size of Belgium at the start of the year but has since been beaten back by Nigerian troops, backed by Chad, Niger and Cameroon.

Source: Reuters


Saturday, 25 April 2015

10 Signs Of Menopause


Not in the mood for sex? Suffering joint pain? 

You could be on the brink of the MENOPAUSE: up there in the diagram are 10 signs every woman should be aware of...

Its a natural point or phase that must be experienced by any woman who lives long enough to get to the age.

The menopause is the time when a woman's periods stop. In the UK, this usually happens between the ages of 47 and 53. People often refer to it as 'the change.'Some people have theirs earlier and this accounts for the fear in many women sometimes when pregnancy delays in coming.

Does Menopause affect sex?

The truth is that there's no reason why you can’t continue to enjoy a happy and satisfying sex life during and after the menopause, if you want to.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

5 Nursing Students Killed in Georgia Interstate Wreck

Five nursing students died Wednesday in a chain-reaction crash that began when a tractor-trailer failed to slow down and smashed into stop-and-go traffic, Georgia authorities said.
The tractor-trailer plowed into an SUV and then rolled over a small passenger car that burst into flames, Sgt. 1st Class Chris Nease of the Georgia State Patrol said. The big truck came to a halt after ramming the back of a tanker. Those killed were traveling on Interstate 16 near Savannah in two passenger vehicles. The cars were mangled by the crash.
All five of the victims were nursing students at Georgia Southern University. St. Joseph’s/Candler Health System said the students were commuting to the hospital for their last clinical training of the year.
"The loss of any student, especially in a tragic way, is particularly painful," Brooks Keel, president of Georgia Southern, said in a statement. "Losing five students is almost incomprehensible."

Monday, 20 April 2015

Nurse Of The Month

A rare combination of smartness,beauty and diligence.

Nice experience
She is principled and dedicated to anything she puts her hands to

This Month we introduce our April Nurse of The Month:
Yes!Its her birth month(April-Born)


Cast in the mold of those nurses whose smiles alone get you on the way to recovery. 

Birthday: April 11 

Likes: Sincerity,easygoing folks,God-fearing people. 

Dislikes: Pretense,Lies,Laziness she is a very jovial and principled nurse but her conviviality doesn't get in the way of her duties.She is thorough;Everything must be done to order! 

Contact Kemi: Click Here 

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Kim Kardashian Undergoes Emergency Surgery As Her Struggle To Get Pregnant Again Continues

Kim Kardashian was rushed to the hospital to undergo an emergency operation to remove some of her placenta from her uterus. Kim was told by a fertility doctor that she may not be able to carry a baby without any risk so the only way to ensure a safe pregnancy is to allow another woman to have it for her. 

Fighting back tears, Kim said: “There is nothing more on this earth that I want more than to be pregnant again and to go through that experience, I would pay any amount of money to have that. “Surrogacy is really scary for me, I don’t want one, I don’t want that to be my reality. “It’s my last resort, surrogacy. As much as I hated being pregnant, and I complained every step of the way and joked that I didn’t want one, I really don’t want a surrogate. “I wouldn’t dare ask anyone to do this for me. It freaks me out, what if they’re a lunatic, what if they run off with my baby?