Monday, 27 August 2012

How to Be A Happy Nurse

Are you happy as a nurse? Are you fulfilled in this profession, being a nurse? Many people love to be in this profession and they do all it takes to come In only to discover sometimes that they want to leave! Family problems, working environment, colleagues, patients and the nature of the work itself sometimes get some people off.

 If you are in this category, below are some tips to handle such low moments and help you stay strong and HAPPY in this profession:
  • Have time for yourself
One of the major reasons for unhappiness of nurses is work overload. Plan your work in such a way that you do not crowd out the time you’ll have to stay with family and friends. Some nurses are so occupied that the only thing they do on off days is to sleep due to stress encountered in the week. Once you are not having time for family and friends, you will feel deprived inside of you and dissatisfaction sets in. Make out time to go out and ease off. By so doing your sleep days and off duty days will be a fun-filled period and you’ll become happier.
  • Avoid unhappy people.

Sadness is a disease and sometimes it can be transferred. Ensure that you keep away from people who always have something bad to talk about in the work place and change a good mood into a bad one. There are people like that and there are also times when the truth about an ugly situation has to be told, But not to be a habit.

Try to be with people who find happiness despite the stress and negativities of work. After all, every kind of job is stressful. It all depends on how one handles it.

  • Have a hobby.
Having a new hobby allows you to have something to look forward to doing. It does not have to be something very challenging. A hobby is a beautiful distraction. It inspires positivity and works as a stress reliever. In the workplace you can read, write. At home you can learn a new game or sport.
  • Be reflective.
Give yourself time to reflect on the things that you like and dislike about your job. It would also help if you write down your thoughts on it. And if you really are contemplating about quitting your job, what kind of job are you looking for next? Where do you want to work in? What kind of work atmosphere are you looking for? Is there any way you can be happy with your current job? What kind of changes do you want to see in your current workplace? Leaving a job is as difficult as looking for a new one. So, it is best to really think about the consequences of your actions.

Happiness is all about setting your mind to it. Being a happy registered nurse requires effort.And that effort will come from YOU.....BE HAPPY!

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