Monday, 27 August 2012

Finally A Cure For HIV/AIDS

 While the world has been praying and working hard to find a solution to the scourge of HIV/AIDS, it is ironic what the reaction of millions would be if such a remedy is eventually found. Such is the kind of worries already shown by not a few over the introduction of TRUVADA, the new wonder drug for prevention of HIV, Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). The drug is a combination of Tenofovir 200mg and Emtricitabine 300mg.

It was discovered that a combination of these two substances increases the compliance with ARDs by patients. TRUVADA was developed by Gilead Sciences Inc.

It has been examined and found that Tenofovir alone or combined with Emtricitabine, significantly reduces the risk of contracting HIV, hence FAD(Food and Drug Administration),the USA equivalent of NAFDAC approved it for prophylactic use on 16 July 2012.It works by blocking the action of the protein that HIV needs to infect the human body. But clinical trials show that it can also protect uninfected high-risk people from acquiring the virus, if they take the drug daily before and after exposure.

Prof (Mrs) Ibironke Akinsete
Now one person who has shown serious concern is Professor (Mrs) Ibironke Akinsete.She is a pioneers Chairman of National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA). She stated that the knowledge of the use of this drug among Nigerian youths and even adults will lead to promiscuity and crass immorality. This will in the long run produce new cases of infection and we would be worse for it. The fear of HIV seems to have kept some people from living carelessly and being more safety conscious. If that fear is removed, then recklessness takes the center stage.

The approval is controversial. Some public health experts argue that allowing the drug to be used for prevention will foster a false sense of security among users, leading people to believe mistakenly that they are immune to the virus and reduce their use of condoms. However, the FDA determined that the benefits of expanding the pool of people who may use Truvada to protect against HIV made it worth approving. Another concern is that for the drug to really work in healthy individuals who are exposing themselves, they need to take it daily just like one taking Contraceptive pills.

Well for anyone who may want to live recklessly or stake his life on any pill, I advice you to read more about TRUVADA and see what the manufacturers said about it.

•    TRUVADA does not always prevent HIV. Would you like to stake your life on something that is not 100% safe? I know your life is much more than a thing to play a game with.

•    Just Taking TRUVADA MAY NOT keep you from getting HIV.

•    TRUVADA does NOT cure HIV or AIDS.

Read more about the drug here:

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