Thursday, 30 August 2012

Why Marry A Nurse (part 2)


You are most welcome to this country where you meet the most intelligent, versatile and caring nurses. We present here the modern trends in nursing and what you need to know about nurses. We give you health updates to help you stay fit and happy. There is a certain misconception among the public about nurses and I believe that with patient teaching they’ll be able to understand who the nurse is and why s/he acts the way s/he does.

Today again let me introduce you to some nurses you may not know about or have heard about them but not appreciate how wonderful they are. If you are considering marrying a nurse, you’ve NOT made an error. Your friend will envy you.

Meet the noblest professionals!

Plastic Nurse:

You can call her a Burns and Plastic Nurse or Aesthetic/Cosmetic nurse.

Never seen a creature so fast and so gentle at the same time; a very rare mix. Super fast to respond to critical conditions and also so cool and gentle in handling the hurting soul! You should not be surprised because that’s how she is trained—fast to respond, with very keen sense of observation, and also to treat the crushed, disfigured, emotionally wrecked, psychologically fleeced minds, physically battered bodies with the utmost gentleness. Just see a plastic nurse and you see gentleness personified! She can make the odd to be desirable again and bring the ancient to look modern.

That face or body that they can’t look on again, she knows how to get it to compete in a beauty contest and win. Trust her. She’s got the voice that speaks life, the eyes that instils hope and inspires happiness and her hands have got the touch that sooths like new wine or oil.

She knows how to ensure that even if you have a 90% physical, social or psychological burns, you will be free from any unwanted infection that will give you physiological oedema and emotional extravasations of all your hopes.

You will surely see and imbibe hope from her countenance even in the most seemingly helpless situations. She knows what to do to save you from social, physical and emotional disfigurement by applying the right psychological physiotherapy to save you from dangerous and incapacitating emotional contractures. Her children do not have character blemishes as she knows the solution. The plastic Nurse is the one if gentleness and carefulness is a virtue you appreciate. This nurse is multi-functional as you find her performing the role of almost all the other nurses. She is a total package not lacking a thing. Check her out.

Accident and Emergency Nurse:

For her you have no need to worry about any fatality in case of a brokenness of any form. And the best is that she is always battle ready (ready to work 247)always alert and ready to move to anywhere to save a situation. If you meet her outside she’s the same as when you meet her in her office-always prepared. 

Then bring in a case, and she will get you smiling the next minute as she expertly mobilizes forces that will skilfully save the near dead and rescue from the jaw of death.

Her resuscitative ability unbeatable even in the comatose

The A&E nurse as she is fondly called has no fear of any emergency in the home and you know what? She ensures that all loopholes that might cause you to loose anything and lead you to shed tears are well plugged! Such an expert manager you can trust her.

From the immediate scene of accident where you thought all hope was lost, she appears and picks you up and soon restoration begins. Your life and home, your children and extended family and friends she knows treat in any case to save their lives.

Perioperative Nurse:

Ever heard about them? You rarely see them when you visit the hospital because their work is done in the “sanctuary”. A kind of enclosure called theater where the perform the most spectacular act of saving lives by repairing an abnormality, removing a problem or introducing a lost part that will make life better.

The periop nurse is always there with the instrument and knows the names and dates of invention of all those weird-looking and fear-inspiring equipment that are used to save life.
No matter the case, however the people might think it is hopeless, you will find her well composed and calm, thoughtfully thinking out what to do. And when she’s done, a miracle happens.

The periop nurse is a wise decision if you want to go that direction. Meet a highly calculative, life-loving and careful person who will make you exude life each moment.

Watch out as more nurses come your way tomorrow.
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