Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Is It Wrong If Your Wife Is 20 Years Older Than You?

Is anything really wrong with this? Is it really normal? Is the boy in his right senses? 

What was he looking for and are you sure the woman did not use any spiritual powers on him? 

  • The guy is a gold digger.
  •  And the talk continues.
  •  I need your sincere opinion on this after you have read my own side of it. 
  • He is a foolish boy........And a whole lots of descriptions for the young man's choice.

Just type your response in the comment section, let the conversation continue. You might help someone today.

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I have been reading a lot of posts by different folks condemning the marriage and most of them blaming the woman. I simply can’t understand how it is her fault that the boy agreed to marry her. The lady in question is 40 years and the boy is 20 years.

I also am aware that going by the constitution of many countries, the age of consent and entry to adulthood is 18 years, meaning that she did not marry a minor.
For the community to have consented and given them their blessings means that they saw nothing wrong with the union.

I think also that the boy should be aware of the reproductive consequences. Even if he doesn’t, family would have explained to him, still he went ahead with the union.

For me, the lady is brave to damn the tongues of people and to have consented to the marriage. Meanwhile there could be other older men whom she was interested in but who didn’t want to talk to her.

Finally, many men marry girls 20 years younger and we tend to not see anything wrong with it but, if a lady does so, everybody begins to talk. 
So what is your take on this issue? Let’s discuss it. Leave your comment after reading.

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