Thursday, 8 December 2016

Are You In a Wrong Relationship? Check These Facts

This little post is about Nurses and Relationships/Romance. A simple piece of advice to someone who is in a wrong place right now but hasn't the strength to unbolt and walk away free.

To be in a wrong relationship is the worst form of stress.Its worse than having a 0ne month marathon night shifts(if that were even possible)

It creates a mental,emotional and psychological torture that can only be related by the one involved.

A bad relationship drains you completely and makes anxiety your second nature.

If you find out that a relationship isn't working,do yourself a favor and take a walk.Save yourself an imminent heartbreak and depression.
It is better to be alone than to give your heart to people who do not value you;folks who would not appreciate how precious you are.

There will always be people like that.They are not for you.

My dear,you deserve more.Do not follow folks who do not deserve you.Do not drag along someone who refuses to follow you. Your vision may be so good and beautiful but it will not appeal to everyone.

Do not beg people to love them.It never works,it only adds to your pain.

When you find out that your love is spurned even when you have tried to show that you care;when you find out you are avoided and rejected even when you sacrifice and take all the crap;when you discover you are NOT VALUED,simply take a walk.
If all it brings you is anxiety ,restlessness,pain and sleepless nights;if it makes you to become someone else from who you are,if it makes you try to change in order to please the other person then....

Its NOT good enough. Take a walk. 
Be sane.Be safe.Be happy.
Most importantly,ask and sincerely answer these questions without emotional or sentimental bias:
  • Is this relationship making you a better you or not?
  • Have lowered your standards because of it?
  • Are you going higher or lower?
  • Are you being encouraged and spurred on to achieve more or not?
My dear,the signs are always so obvious but sometimes,we choose ignore them.

It might seem hard to even contemplate a breakup.It might seem like you will not be able to make it,but you will.It might seem to you that you simply need to TRY more to make it work,but TRUTH is,if you see the obvious signs of a relationship not working,It will not work.
If you have started thinking or,have any reason to even revisit or re-evaluate why you are still in a relationship,then it simply means that its not good enough for you,no matter what your reasons are.

Heartbreak hurts.Yes,it hurts keenly but DOES NOT KILL. Learn your lessons from whatever experiences you had.N o matter how bad it was,try to move on.
Cry if you must(always necessary because I know you may have cried to let out your emotions). It has made you wiser and stronger.
You will definitely heal and with time. Move on.
If you are really careful this time,you'd be able to meet someone who really cares about you and who will value you and cherish you for who you are,no matter your faults. 

You are valued.You are precious.


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