Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Men In Nursing On The Increase

Any  observant person especially one who is in the medical or paramedical department  wherever there is a college or school of nursing would notice the trend.I was always asked the same question when i was in school regarding the increase of males in the profession that was seen as a female dominated place.
Some were even asking how i coped with all the females in the class.Recent studies show that the number of men entering careers in nursing is expected to rise over coming years.

 To some, this may be somewhat shocking as traditionally, it was only women who filled the role of nurse which has made the female nurse somewhat of a stereotype. 
Nevertheless, as issues with sexual discrimination lessen, this stereotype has slowly diminished although in some cases, male nurses are still being faced with a number of prejudices.

Traditionally, the field of nursing was a predominately female orientated field, meaning that male nurses were disallowed entry into delivery rooms and were only authorized to treat male patients. Furthermore, nursing textbooks only mentioned the male gender in regards to male patients-the idea of male nurses being allowed within the profession was simply unheard of.
 However, as we crept towards the 21st century, many of the beliefs regarding male nurses swiftly disappeared which in turn, has helped to increase the number of men within the nursing profession.

Studies show that around 5.4% of the 2.1 million R.N's in America employ male nurses, but it is strongly believed that this low number could stem from a lack of encouragement in regards to young men who wish to take that first step into the profession. However, the US is currently experiencing a great shortage of nurses, so the demand for qualified professionals has never been greater- regardless of gender. 

Nevertheless, it has never been a greater time for males to join the profession as not only will a qualification in nursing provide them with a myriad of career opportunities, but they can also expect to earn a good salary.

Contrary to popular belief, a nursing qualification can provide unlimited career opportunities for both male and female nurses. Those who strive to work in fast-paced, adrenaline filled environment may be suited to work as a critical care nurse for the military. 
Should a nurse possess a thirst to be involved in medical advances, a career as a researcher of practitioner will enable them to utilize and investigate into the latest medical technologies and discoveries.

 Furthermore, a great advantage of nursing is that many qualified nurses are not bound to a 9-5 timetable, meaning they can often schedule work around their family commitments. In terms of salary, average salaries for male nurse's fall in the range of $40,000 per annum, with a vast majority of US based nurses currently earning around $65,000 per annum. However, salaries can be greatly affected by the location in which you reside and also the qualifications you possess. For example, any male nurse looking to increase their opportunities with further studying can expect to earn more.

Nursing schools today welcome students of all genders and cultures meaning that it has never been easier for men to enter their desired profession. By compiling thorough research into the nursing schools that will offer you the level of training and experience you require, you will be more able to jump start your career in nursing and grab your open opportunity with both hands.

Written By Erik Johnson

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