Friday, 8 May 2015

Nurse Of The Month

Heading to school,and on time
Its my pleasure to introduce to you our NC Blog's Nurse Of The Month.

Its a presentation of beauty,smartness,brains humor and hard work combined in one person....

She is one of those nurses who always make a remarkable impression in any area of duty and in any association,she stands out:
 You have to notice her presence,not by her forcing it but by her invigorating and effervescent sense of humor.

Adeyemo Grace Adeola

Our Nurse Of The Month.

Hobbies:Reading,boat riding,reading(she loves John Gresham like she loves Ice Cream),listening to music and surfing the internet for information.

Likes: Neatness,honesty, she likes good music and a nice ice cream (Strawberry flavored!) lol

Dislikes:Insincerity,Injustice in any form especially to hardworking and sincere people,loud-mouthed and proud folks.

Birthday: May 8

Aspirations: To be the best in any area she goes in the nursing profession and to make a positive mark in the lives of anyone she encounters.

See More beautiful pics after the cut

Location: Lagos


About Stepping Out To Work
Her Advice To Nurses
The best is still ahead.Do not give up on your dreams and do not let any unpleasant prevailing circumstances deter you from pushing  ahead.You will succeed.
Beautiful Grace on one of those work-free days;relaxing
Confirmed Arsenal Fan(Nurses love the clubs too).She reps
Just another cool pose
Beautiful on any traditional attire.Nurses rock!


If you would like to feature on this blog as the next nurse of the month for June 2015,just send your cool and decent pictures to the admin with a little description or profile as you would like it.You can use the format on this one.Please include one photo in your uniform,either as a student or while already working in any setting.

Send it to this email:

PS: We also accept articles on different relevant topics as contained on this blog.You can send in pictures news of birthdays,weddings,thanksgivings,graduation,matriculation/capping etc,and anything you would want the world to know about.




  1. thanks a lot. am proud to be a nurse!

  2. You are most welcome.