Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Online Registration By Nigeria Nursing Council


The Nursing and Midwifery council of Nigeria has really shown a positive and progressive attitude and commitment to excellence by introduction of online registration.

The introduction of online registration of candidates and everything that has to do with transactions and inquiries is a very welcome development and is even long overdue.

And we all believe that with the present pace ,more innovations will soon be here to enable us get off faster and reach the heights that others have gotten to,soon.

This is a time to call on all Nigerian nurses to sit up and get ICT compliant.Its no longer an option but a mandatory requirement as more ideas on how to use computers for most activities in the wards will soon be commenced.And no one will like to be left behind,in the cold when others are moving forward.

Nigerian nurses,especially the younger ones should brake away from the old norms and atavistic patterns and follow the modern trend to set the stage for more pragmatic development in nursing in Nigeria.We must be willing to learn and explore,the women should not believe that marriage limits them permanently from advancing in this noble profession.You can go higher  and the time is now.

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