Saturday, 22 September 2012

National Orthopaedic Hospital Enugu:Strike Enters Week Three

Milpark hospital South Africa:Do they ever go on strike?
Its not a time of debate about what is wrong and what is right;its not about who is right and who is wrong now but who suffers most-the patients and their relations.Some of them have lost the person that they had spent fortune on struggling and praying he/she gets well.Even saw a full grown man weeping like a baby early in the morning and walking toward the hospital gate,maybe to go tell his people that all hope is gone as they had lost their loved one.

I am yet to understand when we got to this extent even of allowing frivolous issues to blur our vision o the common good and also our oat as medical professionals.And to the point where we no longer seem to have any conscience.

Ohio state Hospital.American Health pros cannot do it.
It is so disheartening that such an ugly even should be allowed to happen for two times in a year and somebody is talking about going to industrial court.perhaps by the time we come back from the courts,all the patients would be gone:either to their graves,or irreparably morbid,or into our own individual private clinics where they will even pay more for the '' expert services.''

From the MD to the least person who may have a hand in this i am pleading for mercy and compassion to be revived once more in your hearts.Remember the Hippocratic oaths remember God and remember posterity.Lets all make the sacrifice that will set these things straight again.

God is watching.

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