Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Common False Beliefs about Acne


Common False Beliefs about Acne 
Acne is related to diet – no evidence exists to suggest that any particular foods directly cause acne. Ever heard the groundnuts or eating too much oil causes pimples? Though mot proven, but many believe it.

 Acne results from a person’s inability to ‘properly take care of
themselves’ – In other words, they want to make you believe that you are not as clean or cute as you should be. Granted, some people really do not care about their skin and looks, and obviously this can cause some skin problems. Acne is actually due to inherited factors that increase the
production of a substance called sebum and has nothing to do with how a
person takes care of themselves’.

 Strong cleansers and constant scrubbing are helpful – this can actually lead to increased inflammation; mild non-abrasive cleansing is best. Do not use hard sponge on your skin in order to remove anything. It affects your skin adversely.

 Acne is just a stage that people go through during adolescence – acne may actually begin in or continue through adult life and can affect a
person’s self-esteem whatever the age of onset.

Why do people believe all this and where does the information come from?’

The most important factor in spreading this kind of information is the media; print and electronic. We also get some misconceptions or wrong ideas from the community based on what they have come to believe over the years and which has no scientific basis.

***Did you know that some ignorant people have related acne to not having sex—and this especially is common among the adolescents both in the villages and in the urban? This is a devilish notion that actually instils fear into some young minds and those who have no good guide can derail at this time and may never get back on track again***.

The makers of all these beauty products in their different shades, shapes and sizes are doing it to sell their products. The media now tell us how we should look and once you don’t fit into that, you can go and hide.

Once you buy this hype, the next logical action is to look for the advertised product they have promised to make you look acceptable to the standard set by “a certain beauty or celebrity magazine, television presenter or one radio fashion presenter”

We are not against buying of beauty products but do not be under pressure to change the way you look because someone somewhere told you that you are not a human being unless you look a certain way.
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“Your dignity does not depend on what people say but on the fact that God sees you  as His own” 

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