Wednesday, 11 March 2015

This Woman Will Never Eat Again!

What would it feel like if you were to never eat again?You may have sometimes heard some people say that they wished they had a drug that would keep them filled ever ,never hungry again so that they wouldn't have to stress themselves to get money for food.However, all this is just a joke to keep life going.

But now,we are not joking.Her name is Nichola Nichols.She is just 25 and has a serious problem that paralyzed her stomach muscles.Because of this ,Nichola has not eaten in 7 years and will never eat again!

I know you will be thinking about a miracle now or your mind may be thinking about the possibility of her being healed by the the power of God.Yes.I believe that too.And i8 know that it is very possible for Nichola to get healed like many other people who have been miraculously cured of seemingly irredeemable conditions.

Nichola Nichols, 25, from Bolton, will never eat again, due to a rare condition which left her stomach paralyzed. After a bout of mild flu seven years ago she began vomiting 50 times a day. Doctors initially thought she had an eating disorder but she was finally diagnosed with gastroparesis in 2008. 

This meant her stomach muscles weren't working to empty food properly. She suffered intestine failure and had to be fed through a tube straight into her bloodstream (she is pictured left, with the tube, and inset, in hospital). She has two food bags a week and a glucose bag every day. A side effect of the treatment is that she has lost her hair, but she still managed to give birth to children William, three, and Felicity, 11 months (pictured right) despite not being able to eat for two. 

Despite not ever being able to eat again, she says she counts herself lucky. She said: 'We always say that someone else is always worse off. I'm lucky that I have two beautiful children despite my problem. My two miracles.' 

Did you just hear her? 

What can you say about this woman and her husband?

Source: DailyMail UK

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