Thursday, 12 March 2015

Nurse Of The Month

Dear NC readers, Nurses and friends,behold our nurse of the Month for March 2015

Here comes another wonderful colleague,a pretty nurse,smart, intelligent and Diligent.

Name: IJEOMA (Aijay)
Likes: Open minded people.She also likes Pleasant surprises and learning new stuffs

Dislikes: Snobs and dishonest people,long distance travels(except by a cozy Gulfstream jet... lol)

Hobbies:Listening to good music,cooking,Watching movies,and surfing the internet.

Birthday: May 22

Words To Nurses:Keep on improving on yourself,dont be stagnant and try to be the best at whatever you do.Do not also forget God as the first priority and you will get to the peak...Shalom!

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Nice and lovely

A Little Break

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