Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Have you heard the latest about her story? I guess you may have even heard more than me.

And why is it so? Scandalous news and gossip about other people make rounds faster and we seem to love it more.

I wonder if all these copy-paste-gossip bloggers and the multitude of followers would have been so energetic and curious to spread her news if was had done some philanthropy or,if she was "caught" in a remote village suffering and assisting the dejected and poorest.

Would YOU ,yes YOU that are reading this now would have been so eager to know about her and what good works she was doing? Some porn-hungry folks are seriously searching for the video to watch just to satisfy their desire and they are here condemning

And the tales continue spiralling and becoming more convoluted.

It is very sad indeed that such a young girl and rising star, a representative of something good would suddenly start trending, not for some awesome character she exhibited or a certain philanthropy which they are known for but, for a very low down behavior.

The myriads of crappy-copy-and-paste-wannabe bloggers and gossip peddlers have not helped issues at all. They have all gone into a frenzy copying from each other, without checking facts and dishing out verbatim, whatever error was in the circulating stories.

The Association Of Beauty Pageant And Fashion Exhibition Organiser Of Nigeria, ABPFEON has made a statement condemning the action and this seems to have given credence to the veracity of the action.

The girl initially denied, according to initial information ;she now says that some blackmailers have threatened to kill her if she exposed what happened.

#What is the truth here?

#What happened to the young girl that made her to risk her reputation, her family name, her crown and even her future to descend so low?

#Why was it videoed when she knew it could leak,and who leaked the video?

#Who were the folks that videoed it and posted it online? What was their intention?

***Has any sincere investigation been done to find out what actually happened?

I am not among those who would tell you that you shouldn't condemn her because you might be doing worse. I don't know who you are but, I can only say what I know from experience:

Many weird things happen for many weird reasons which might be difficult for many of us to understand. Though she has given conflicting testimonies(according to bloggers-we don't still know what's the truth), I still believe there's room for proper investigation to unravel what happened and those involved.

I condemn the action, if it happened ;I am yet to know why before I can talk to her. However, even if she did that, it's left for the laws of the land to take over and 14 years in jail isn't a joke.

For all those who have crucified her already and passed eternal judgement of "The Pit Of Hell on her, I pity you all, especially the " born agains" who have joined bands with the multitude.

Consider that this is someone's lovely daughter, sister, aunt and a girl who also has big dreams for herself and her loved ones just like you.

poo happens and sometimes, in unexpected circumstances and to unexpected people.

This isn't the first time we have heard of such.

The UNN was in the news for similar issues a while ago.It trended and eventually died off.

And one very real truth is that if this wasn't leaked via a video, no one would have known. She would still be called all the beautiful names and showered with encomiums while underneath that beauty is a soul not too beautiful to behold.

Have you considered that this is exactly what happens in the real world, and some of the violent, most shameful and despicable acts are committed by those folks dressed up in designer suits, cruising to your events in fast cars, speaking Queens English with American accent and oozing confidence like they were demigods?

Everyone is a moon and has a dark spot which he never shows to anyone.

Who knows if you are one of them? Let's not throw stones anyhow at other people. Condemn the act but not the person because you never knew what happened.

Even when the woman caught in adultery RED HANDED , perhaps with her pants and bra in her hands and fluid dripping down her legs was brought to Jesus, The Lord wasn't fazed at all.

Was He extenuating the sin? NO. But he knew that minds can play devious tricks on us pushing us to the pinnacles of deluded self righteousness. He busted it.

You all know the story more than me. Are you also a follower of the Master? Think twice.

I condemn her not. I condemn what happened and if proper investigation is done, we shall know the truth.

Let it be a warning to her peers and all our girls to be careful and follow the culture of the land and our tradition of respect for the human sexuality, the woman and the dignity of the human person. It is not outdated.

Pray she survives this and gets herself together again. Anyone can change and I think, no matter what happens to her in this case, she can still stand tall again and somehow, someday be an inspiration to other girls who might be tempted to act wrongly.

I believe so.

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