Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Just Because You Are Nurse

                                                                   #Just Because You Are A Nurse

#Just because you are a nurse,almost everyone who knows you feels that you know everything or,that you must know everything about every health concerns of theirs. And most times,they aren't ready to accept a "NO" for an answer. 

This can make some people sometimes to step out of their boundaries because of pressure from the public.But we know that it is pure unethical in the profession to misguide.

#Just because you are a nurse,they don't believe you can be sick; they assume that you should know when some sickness is about to strike and cleverly prevent it.
But they don't know that there are many problems or diseases that do not give any warning,and they can also hit a nurse.

#Just because you are a nurse, they believe you have all the monies and that you must be richer than everyone in your locality.
They don't say it but they they believe it.

#Just because you are a nurse,some easily shift their aggression to you especially in the hospital, and some even deliberately want to make sure you didn't sleep if you are on night duty.

You can add your own thoughts about what people do and say just because you are a nurse.
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