Monday, 20 April 2015

Nurse Of The Month

A rare combination of smartness,beauty and diligence.

Nice experience
She is principled and dedicated to anything she puts her hands to

This Month we introduce our April Nurse of The Month:
Yes!Its her birth month(April-Born)


Cast in the mold of those nurses whose smiles alone get you on the way to recovery. 

Birthday: April 11 

Likes: Sincerity,easygoing folks,God-fearing people. 

Dislikes: Pretense,Lies,Laziness she is a very jovial and principled nurse but her conviviality doesn't get in the way of her duties.She is thorough;Everything must be done to order! 

Contact Kemi: Click Here 

More cool pics after the cut 

Cool breeze and fresh air at the beach aint a bad idea
Sometimes a little space is needed to breathe, get refreshed and energized to continue the professional responsibility of caring for those who cannot care for themselves in most cases.Nurses also can take some time out to smile at nature and laugh at the sweetness of creation... 

Shes pretty.Of course!

Looks like break time

Celebration continuesI   

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