Sunday, 26 October 2014

Hundreds Of Australian Nurses Willing and Able To Fight Ebola In Africa

More than 100 nurses and midwives would fly to west Africa to help prevent the spread of Ebola if the federal government lets them, the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) says.
A national survey conducted by the ANMF revealed 135 nurses would volunteer to be a part of a health team to fight against Ebola if the Australian government coordinated the effort.
ANMF federal secretary Lee Thomas said it is time the federal government listens to its allies as well as Australian nurses and midwives.
"Nurses are both willing and able to help in the ongoing fight against this epidemic," Ms Thomas said on Friday.

"Nurses and doctors from the US and EU countries are already on the ground and our government should be doing the same."
The federal government has so far refused to allow Australian volunteers to West Africa.
Deputy opposition leader Tanya Plibersek said Australia has been called upon by the international community to lend a hand.
"We've had calls all saying Australia has highly experienced staff willing and able to go and they should be sent," Ms Plibersek told reporters.
"Of course any such mission is not without risk, this is a dangerous part of the world now and the virus is spreading.
"But what President Obama has said and what our own health professionals are telling us is the best way of keeping Australia safe is to stop this virus in West Africa."

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